Sumatras coffee growing region lies in Northern Sumatra and Acech provinces, both of which are renowned natural wonders. Achech with its rainforest, rhinos, tigers, and elephants, and Northern Sumatra with its dramatic volcanos and abundant vegetation and wildlife.

Smallholder coffee production

Our Farmers
The coffee production in Sumatra is a complex process involving multiple parties. Coffee cherries are harvested and processed by different collectors before being delivered to central mills for further processing, including hulling and drying to produce the distinctive "wet-hulled" coffee beans. 

Coffee Background
The term "Mandheling" in the world of coffee refers to a regional blend from Indonesia, specifically from the northern half of the island of Sumatra. This blend is known for its heavy, earthy, and complex flavor profile that appeals to many coffee enthusiasts. Interestingly, the regional coffee blends in Sumatra were initially distinguished based on human ethnicity rather than geographical location. For example, the Mandheling cultural group can be found across Sumatra and Malaysia, while the Batak subgroup, centered around Lake Toba, is considered a smaller regional coffee pedigree of its own.